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Google Maps Integration or Google local business listings can appear in 3 places in the search results for Google: in Google Maps, in the local pack and within the localized organic Google web results. Since Google owns the lion’s share of local search traffic AND organic search traffic, it’s very important that both your website and your local listing rank well in Google in order for searchers to discover your company. Types of Google Local Results

Before your Google listing can rank at all in either Google Maps or in the Local Packs of search results, you have to get listed and that’s not always as easy as it may sound. Sometimes, it’s not possible to create a listing, sometimes you can’t get it verified and sometimes it never goes live because it doesn’t make it through Google’s review and approval process. This can sometimes be due to a bug on Google’s end, but much more often, it’s because you’ve violated one or more of Google’s requirements for having a business listing.



Google publishes quality guidelines for its local business listings. Think of these as rules, not guidelines, because failure to follow most of them will either keep you from being listed at all OR from ever ranking well in Google. The exceptions are where it clearly states “if possible”. But if it is possible, just do it.

I suspect that there are unpublished guidelines, too, that are not visible to us. Some of them eventually make it onto the list we can all see, but in the meantime, we just have to guess at what may or may not be acceptable now or in the future. To confuse matters more, Google sometimes leaves old, but undated information up on its pages, so you’re not really sure if what you’re reading is currently applicable or not.

Whether you are creating a new business listing or modifying an existing one, it’s wise to follow Google’s current Places quality guidelines. Here they are in italics with my comments in blue.

Google My Business Pages
In the above image you see two organic search results, and then a map with 7 businesses listed and Google Map icons. These map-type results are known as Google Places or My Business Pages.

As of December 2015, these types of search results are showing up for just about every local search term. By that I mean if you search a product or service and your city name, you’ll see Google Places/My Business pages with the map showing where they’re located. These search results are the exact same if someone were to search for businesses via Google maps.

This is part of Google’s latest algorithm Pigeon which is focused on user proximity. In many ways, Pigeon provides an easier way to rank at the top of Google. Instead of investing in local SEO to rank your website, you can follow the steps in this post and rank your My Business page.

And I’m going to tell you what it takes to get your business listed and ranked in the “A” position in a couple of paragraphs.

Benefits of Optimizing your Google Places Page
No matter what, I think it’s important now and in the future to claim and optimize your Google Places Page. On top of jumping to the top of the search rankings, it’ll also help potential clients:

Visually see your location
Find your contact details fast
See your business hours
Learn what others have to say about you (blog post coming up on how to get more reviews)
Quickly find directions to your location
See what your store looks like (since you can add photos and even videos)
Some of the other benefits of properly optimizing your page are:

Links your website to your local page
Increases your business’s exposure and search traffic
You have full control over your business details and can edit them
Now that you know the benefits, let me show you how to claim, optimize and rank your Google Places page!


How to Rank a Google Places Page
Over the remainder of this blog post, you will learn how to rank your Google Places page.

Here is what you will need to do:

Find out if your business is listed already
Create your listing if it isn’t listed
Claim your listing if it is listed
Optimize your Places page
Get your business listed in directories
Get people to review your business

If You Want to Integrate Your Business in Google maps. Sure Helps You. We Setup Your Google My Business Page.


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  • Antim Pandey

    Hi Nitish,
    How to show your business in google place. I mean when a visitor types a query like training center in Chennai. Google displays some of the centers. Can you suggest any tutorial/article for that?
    Thanks and waiting for your response.


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